Guidelines for the online subscribers:

11 issues (10 monthly issues + 1 Diwali issue) of Maher and Menaka magazines are priced at Rs. 415/- each for domestic (inland) and Rs. 2,072/- each for international (overseas) subscribers. Diwali issue is delivered by Registered Post. Whereas, the 3 issues (2 four-monthly issues + 1 Diwali issue) of Jatra are priced at Rs. 415/- for domestic (inland) and Rs. 1751/- for international (overseas) subscribers.

Please visit to subscribe to these popular magazines.

The above-mentioned rates are inclusive of online payment gateway charges and are applicable only to the online subscribers. If you wish to subscribe using offline options, (e.g. Money Order, Electronic Money Order, at par Cheque or Demand Draft), the domestic (inland) subscription rate for Maher, Menaka and Jatra is Rs. 400/- each. For international (overseas) subscribers, the same is Rs. 2,000/- for Maher and Menaka and Rs. 1700/- for Jatra.

Cheque or Demand Draft (drawn in favour of MENAKA PRAKASHAN) and Money Orders should be sent to:
Menaka Prakashan, 2117, Sadashiv Peth, Vijayanagar Colony, Pune – 411030.

Please specify you name, complete address, pin code, phone number and the name of the magazine(s) subscribed on the flipside of the cheque, demand draft or Money Order. Existing subscribers should mention their continuing subscription number. A receipt for subscription with the subscription number is sent via post. You can become a subscriber from any month.

The subscription copies are neatly packed, correctly addressed and counted before handing over them to the Post. If at all a particular issue doesn’t reach you, we try to resend another copy on receiving a complaint through phone of or through email. You can send in your complaints to

If you still have any queries about the membership process, you can contact us on –
+91-95 95 33 69 60 or 020 – 2433 6960 or on 9823 69 69 60.

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