Menaka has created a distinctive path in the world of Marathi magazines. It has been a witness to the free willed, liberal makeover of the Marathi community. With timely reporting of all the changes, Menaka, in a true sense is proceeding ahead with the society. Menaka’s soul has the bold as well as the romantic side to it.
Being bold or daring doesn’t mean jumping in the dark; neither does confluence of two individuals mean being ornamental. It means, facing every situation courageously, boldly; and finding beauty in all the shades of life. We want everyone to experience these two aspects of the soul, thus we will continue walking on this path.
Marathi culture is traditional but it doesn’t hinder the advancement. The ‘Marathi Manoos’ has left the ‘clerical’ tag miles behind him and has soared to high levels. Obviously, this has led to opening of various facets of living. The perimeters of his experiences have widened. Menaka will move ahead with all these advancements, we just need your company!

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