Maher, through its apt literature, has always aimed to preserve the traditions and upbringing that a married woman inherits from her parental home. In the last 50 years, Maher has had habitual, ‘monthly meetings’ with the Marathi women across the world. In these 50 years, Maher has closely observed all the facets of womanhood. The tremendous changes in all spheres of life, which have occurred in the last 25 years and which will see the light in the next 25 years, shall have a deep impact on women.
A woman’s life has not remained rigid anymore; there are a lot of pathways that are awaiting her presence, a lot of challenges that she requires to face. The speed with which the scientific development is happening, it won’t be surprising if women are no more required to give births.
The family oriented women, who once sparkled in some limited professions, have now stretched their horizon to multiple careers.
Change is not limited to her homely responsibilities; all the facets surrounding women are also changing. Here onwards, Maher will indulge in reporting all these changes to you.
Well known feminist writer Malati Bedekar has authored a book titled – ‘Kalyanche Nishwas’ under the pen name Vibhavari Shirurkar. ‘Kalyanche Nishwas’ narrates the lifestyle of women. Henceforth Maher will reach you with stories of women who are strong willed and have an urge to challenge and overcome the problems. Maher aims to preserve the delicate world of women and highlight their achievements.

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  1. shobha says:

    i want old diwali issues of maher. r they available? can u send me information which r available? what is cost?


    My writeup has been published in Sept 2012 issue .its a story named “BIODATA eka aaicha”..If possible pl mail it to me.
    Thanking you
    Swati K Pachpande

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