HOTS 2013 (Std. X)

For the second successive year, we are pleased to bring out this exclusive and original on Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) in the service of students and teachers engaged with the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Examination. Menaka Prakashan’s original book on HOTS was a huge success last year. The reasons were simple.

  • Content of the book was 100% authentic.
  • The book was developed by a strong panel of subject experts and teachers well-versed with the technique of SSC examination system.
  • For the convenience of students and teachers, the book was divided into three sections: Science and Technology, Algebra and Geometry.
  • The concept of HOTS was explained in simple, correct language.

We are glad that a truly large number of students, parents and teachers found Menaka Prakashan’s HOTS highly useful in preparing for the SSC examination. Although there are some sporadic attempts to copy the design and structure of Menaka Prakashan’s HOTS, our book remains unique for the reasons stated above. This year’s book has solutions to the question papers of March 2012 and a question paper for practice for each subject.

The book does both – it handholds the reader through the concept of HOTS, and also provides a large number of HOTS questions for practice. Do use it to become a topper.

Written by Experienced Teachers
Based on Proven Techniques
Must For Achieving Excellent Score

National Curriculam Framework (2005) has recommended enhancement of Higher Order Thinking Skills in schools and colleges. Accordingly, the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has introduced this concept in its new Science and Technology, Algebra and Geometry text books published in the last and the current academic year. About 20% of the total questions on these two subjects will be based on HOTS, in the SSC examination to be held in March 2013.

This Exclusive and Original Guide contains a bank of 500 solved and unsolved questions in Algebra, Geometry and Science & Technology for Std. X along with Model Answer Papers of March 2012.

Although many educationists have presented theories on the cognitive domain of human brain, the theory of Dr. Benjamin Bloom (1956) is widely adopted in the field of education. In 2001, two of his students revised the classification of thinking skills. Now well known as Revised Bloom’s Taxanomy, it is presented as follows:

  • 1. Remembering,
  • 2. Understanding,
  • 3. Applying,
  • 4. Analysing,
  • 5. Evaluating,
  • 6. Creating.

The first three skills of the above are termed LOTS (Lower Order Thinking Skills), while Evaluating and Creating are called HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills).

The exclusive and original guide on HOTS for standard X has been published for English as well as for Marathi medium.
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